"Protecting Our Environment One Stake at a Time"

Maj’s Services, Inc. is a contractor based in Brighton, Michigan. We provide the highest quality soil erosion and site maintenance services. Our wide variety of options is what makes us stand out from other contracts including:

  • Full service soil erosion and site maintenance management

  • Free estimates and 24-hour response time

  • Can handle any size job including large scale commercial, residential and roadway construction

  • Year-round installation and service

Maj’s Services has more than 14 years of continuous service, providing high-quality silt fencing and soil erosion management for the mid-western United States. From humble beginnings, the company has grown to better serve the needs of our clients, no matter what the size. Maj’s Services. Inc is a member of Construction Association of Michigan and International Erosion Control Association.

For more information on how we can help solve your soil erosion needs, please contact us.